Chain & Belt Drive Openers

Destiny® 1200

Appreciate quiet convenience. The Destiny® 1200 garage door​​ opener provides the reliability and power of a premium opener. The dynamic motor delivers the might and speed needed to operate almost any door quickly and smoothly. It has a maximum open speed of 9″ per second. Choose from the convenience options including our OHD Anywhere® integrated smart garage door opener, battery backup, and a belt or chain drive. Soft start and stop reduces wear and tear on your garage door. The DoorDetect™ monitoring system and Safe-T-Beam® infrared system improve overall safety for peace of mind. Motion detection activates bright lighting in the garage, just another feature to add to the quiet convenience of the Destiny® 1200.

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Odyssey® 1000

Select quality performance. The Odyssey® 1000 ​garage door opener provides the excellence you’d expect from Overhead Door™. The opener offers quiet operation whether you choose a belt or chain drive . Its 140V DC motor can capably operate a garage door up to 750 lbs. with quick, smooth convenience. The opener can lift at a maximum speed of 7.5″ per second. Soft start and stop protects your garage door from wear and tear, Safety features such as the DoorDetect™ monitoring system and Safe-T-Beam® system enhance overall safety. Enjoy power, speed, and convenience. The Odyssey® 1000 delivers optimal performance.

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Legacy® 920

Enjoy quiet efficiency. The Legacy® 920 garage door opener provides quiet power and offers the choice between a belt or chain drive. The durable 24V DC motor operates at variable speeds for a soft start and stop that protects your door from daily wear and tear. It has a maximum lift speed of 7″ per second. This opener will lift most sectional, residential garage doors of 10’ and weighing up to 500 lbs. Integrated OHD Anywhere® smart garage door opener technology is a standard feature. This opener offers high quality safety benefits, and you can add battery backup for premium reliability. You’ll appreciate the subtle function and quality fabrication of the Legacy® 920.

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Legacy® 850

Invest in convenience and strength. With the choice of belt or chain drive, The Legacy® 850 garage door opener provides power and reliability. This durable 24V DC motor operates most residential sectional garage doors 8’ high and weighing up to 500 lbs. It has a maximum lift speed of 7.0″ per second. The technology of the DC motor design combined with the C-channel rail deliver quiet operation. Standard features include a CodeDodger® remote control, Safe-T-Beam® infrared system, and lighting. Consider adding convenience options such as external OHD Anywhere® smart capabilities, battery backup, or digital wireless keypad. This hardworking, durable opener will save you time and concern

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Legacy® 650

Gain dependability and affordability. The Legacy® 650​ ​garage door opener provides exceptional reliability for an incomparable value. It offers the flexibility of a belt or chain drive. With a durable 24V DC motor, the Legacy 650®​ will operate most residential, sectional doors weighing up to 350 lbs. It has a maximum lift speed of 6.5″ per second. The combination of our DC motor technology with the C-channel rail provides quiet performance.​​​ This opener features standard safety, such as the Safe-T-Beam® infrared system, and you can customize with convenience options including the OHD Anywhere® smart garage door opener system. You’ll appreciate the value and reliability for years to come.

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